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Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the best known and most widely practiced type of massage therapy. Long, smooth strokes are utilized with the intent of elongating shortened soft tissue that is causing discomfort to restore balance.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is a modality for those that seek pain relief, want to improve their posture, and shorten their recovery time. Utilizing firmer pressure and sharper “tools” i.e. knuckles and elbow, to affect muscular on deeper levels. Deep tissue penetration to the very core of your imbalance you have assist your body in starting the healing process.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is a modality that can be use before, during and after a sporting event, during training, and during recovery. The focus for sports massage is to improve range of motion, relieve tension and stress, and cut recovery time.


Aroma Therapy

Nature has amazing secrets. Different scents of the world have different effect on your health and wellness. Explore the limitless possibilities of world of aroma therapy.


Aroma Wrap

Aroma wrap combines the benefits of aroma therapy and hydrotherapy. As the aroma therapy starts to work on the balance internally, the heat that the wrap generates relaxes the body from the externally. A powerful combination that will assist you find energetic and emotional balance.


Hot Stone

If you the heat or just looking to explore the world of massage, hot stone are a wonderful experience! Hot stone massages help relieve muscle tension, reduce anxiety and promotes sleep. All of these benefits will assist you in finding your balance.


Hand & Foot Scrub

For an ultimate experience of relaxation try our hand or foot scrub. Scrub increase blood flow, exfoliates skin and relieves pain.

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